© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Contact Lenses We match your eyes to your visual goals in order to custom fit your contact lenses.    This specialized fitting involves all of the following Detailed corneal measurements. Recommendations on which lens is most appropriate for your needs. Thorough contact lens training. Careful and detailed follow-up care. Success is achieved only when both the doctor and patient are completely satisfied. A contact lens expert looks at each patient as an individual, weighs the pros and cons of each contact lens type according to the patient’s eyes and needs and makes a custom recommendation.    We have contact lens trials of all the major brands and we can order anything else       we need so that no matter what your prescription we can probably find a lens for    you.     We fit most types of lenses including:  Soft Disposable Lenses Multifocals/Bifocals Lenses for Astigmatism Lenses for Sports Colored Contact Lenses High Oxygen Contacts Orthokeratology Lenses Medically Necessary Contacts Lenses for patients with eye problems like keratoconus or dry eye    We even have options for those patients that think they can’t wear lenses anymore    due to comfort or age.  When we fit contacts we aren’t satisfied until both the doctor    and the patient are happy with the comfort and vision of their contact lenses.