© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Emergency Services - After Hours Care You always have access to care.  If the problem occurs during regular office hours, we always save a few appointments for urgent care that day.  If you need help after hours, simply call the office and follow the directions to reach a doctor for an emergency consult. Some Examples of emergencies are: Eye Infections and Inflammations:  When you have “pink” eye it could  arise from different sources. Pink eye can be viral, bacterial, toxic, allergic, inflammatory, or contact lens related and different medication are used to treat them.  Foreign Bodies - We can remove small particles that have gotten stuck under your lid or imbedded on the surface of the eyes. If the object is made of metal, it is essential that it be removed quickly as it can rust and cause significant damage to the vision. This is done in the office, is painless, and usually results in your feeling much better immediately. Abrasions - We can treat scratches to the eye caused by fingernails, foreign objects, plant material, etc. Treatment ranges from a prescription for an analgesic to a contact lens applied as a bandage. Contact lens injuries - Occasionally, a contact lens wearer will put caustic lens cleaner in their eye, scratch their eye while removing a lens, lose a lens in the eye, or get an infection. These can cause a great deal of discomfort and it is reassuring to know that help, from your regular vision care provider - is just a phone call away. Emergencies - Eye health emergencies do not always occur during working hours. That is why we provide an after hours emergency phone number. Simply call the office and a phone message will direct you to an after hours number. We will return your call. If you have not heard from us within 1/2 hour, place another call. Sometimes cell calls get lost in the air waves. If you don't hear from us shortly, proceed to the emergency room.    Use the following checklist to determine if you are having an eye health emergency.     If you have any of these symptoms, pick up the phone and call. Moderate to substantial pain A sudden loss or reduction in vision Bright red eye Light sensitivity Flashes of light, new floaters (black specks in your vision) or a curtain appearing over part of your vision.