© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Frequently Asked Questions What is the difference between Bifocal and Multifocal contact lenses? Both terms Bifocal and Mutifocal are used to describe contacts that improve multiple distinct areas of vision. However while Bifocals correct for near and far vision, multifocals address 3 areas: distance, computer and close-up for reading. Will Multifocal contact lenses work for me? Multifocal contact lenses have been around for many years, but only recently have they been advanced through the use of computer technology to produce more successful designs, as well as greater comfort. Our patients are happy wearing their multifocal contact lenses at work, at the computer, driving from home to work, and reading throughout the day.  Even patients that have astigmatism, who could not be previously fit with soft bifocal contacts, can enjoy great vision near and far with Custom Aspheric Gas Permeable contacts. I used to wear contact lenses but stopped because of discomfort.  Am I a candidate for Wave lenses? Probably. Advances in technology, especially the new Scout Topographer and computer-aided design and manufacturing process, allow us to custom design lenses to fit. Will medical insurance cover Wave multifocal lenses? Some insurance companies have a contact lens benefit which can be applied toward the multifocal fee. Check with your insurance company for your benefits and ask our helpful staff as well. What are the fees and what does it include? The Wave Multifocal program includes corneal evaluation, computer mapping of the corneas, the doctor's time and expertise to customize a pair of multifocal lenses, lens insertion and removal training, initial cleaning solutions and one pair of multifocal lenses. Careful follow-up of your contact lenses ensures you have optimum vision and comfort. When the contact lens evaluation is finalized you will have one pair of contact lenses that were specifically customized to your eyes and visual needs. Ask our doctor or staff for the applicable fee. "CareCredit" offers an easy payment plan that can reduce your monthly payments to between $30 to $70 per month. Ask for details on financing. How long do gas permeable lenses last? Gas permeable contact lenses last from 3 to 7 years, depending on care and physiology of the eyes. These contact lenses stay cleaner and are more durable than soft lenses. What advantages do custom gas permeable bifocal contact lenses have over soft bifocals? There are many advantages of custom gas permeable lenses. Gas permeable lenses offer the best vision of any bifocal lenses available. They can correct astigmatism and high levels of nearsightedness and farsightedness which soft bifocal contact lenses cannot. Gas permeable lenses are better for dry eyes than soft lenses. They are inherently cleaner and more durable than soft lenses.