© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Fitting Process Dr. Davis provides Wave Customized Multifocal Contacts. Topographical scans of your corneas (the front surface of your eye) will be taken using a Scout Topographer.  This is a painless digital picture of your eye that is much like a topographical map of the earth, except this map shows the peaks and valleys of each unique cornea. The Scout Topographer measures 14,700 data points of corneal curvature.  Dr. Davis uses a computer-assisted software design program and computer-assisted manufacturing process to design one-of-a-kind custom multifocal contact lenses. There are many more parameters that can be adjusted with Wave Multifocal contacts than any other lens available. The Scout topographer is the ONLY instrument in the world in which the unique topography of each patient's eye is used as a template for customized contact lens design. Once designed by Dr. Davis, the lenses are produced by a precise computer- numerical-controlled lathe and then shipped to Dr. Davis for final verification and cleaning. Wave lenses settle into the peaks and valleys of the central and peripheral cornea. The fit follows the shape leading to a customized, clearer and more comfortable lens. Side Views of the eye, demonstrate the Perfect Fit of Wave Contacts!  Typical Gas Permeable Lens  Typical gas permeable lenses do   not follow the exact shape of the   cornea, especially out in the   periphery.  A poor peripheral lens fit   can result in discomfort and   fluctuating vision.         Wave Contact Lens Note the parallel fit of a Wave Contact lens at the eye’s periphery.  This provides you a comfortable edge and perfect fit! Why wear ‘off the shelf’ contact lenses?  Your eyes deserve better.  Call for a free consultation for Wave contact lenses at 336-765-5350 or click here to schedule your appointment.