© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Optomap We are proud to provide our patients with the most highly advanced technology available in retinal screening today - the Optomap Retinal Exam! The Optomap will produce the most comprehensive image of your retina, and allow us to perform a more thorough exam than was previously possible. The Optomap® Retinal Exam provides us with a much larger view (200 degrees) of the back of the eye - your retina - than conventional eye exam equipment. These images can be taken without dilating your pupils - a very common procedure which is uncomfortable and inconvenient for many people. This image is captured and transferred to the exam room so that the doctors can review it slowly and carefully without worrying that we are causing you terrible discomfort with our bright light. We will show you the map and discuss our findings. How exciting to actually see the inside of your eye! If we see a problem, we can refer you to a retinal specialist. Using the Internet, the image can be sent anywhere in the world for a specialist to review.    Each Optomap image is as individual as fingerprints or DNA and can provide us with a    unique view of your health very quickly and comfortably. The Optomap Retinal Exam offers    many advantages including: Provides an ultra-widefield view of the retina Comfortable and quick image capture Non-invasive Helps you to understand your eye health Provides permanent records for future comparison No dilation drops or having to wait for the eyes to dilate No “granny sun glasses” afterwards No blurry eyes or light sensitivity Dilation free exam most times    The Optomap technology does not require pupil dilation.  However dilation may be    necessary if we see an abnormality.    Our ability to view your internal retinal health is now dramatically improved with the    Optomap.  And your comfort is improved too! Here are a few Optomap images that show disease the patient never knew about. Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion Macular Degeneration Retinal Detachment