© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Benefits and Value Ortho-K provides numerous benefits in addition to improved eyesight without spectacles or daytime contact lenses. No more late day dryness and irritation from contact lenses drying out. Clear vision when you wake at night or in the morning. Help to slow the progression of nearsightedness in children - see the research. You are able to see to go swimming and skiing, to drive in a convertible with the top down, to work in the dust, grass or in the garden and to be able to see in cases of emergencies. People in occupations that are hindered by the use of glasses or contacts may be good candidates for Ortho-K - e.g. pilots, policemen, firemen, trainers, athletes, etc.  Be sure to check with the regulations of your employer prior to undergoing Ortho-K. Frees the individual from the distractions caused by perspiration, dust, wind, weather and temperature. There are no more blind spots caused by frame or lens edges. You can wear all the trendiest non-prescription fashion sunglasses. The value of Ortho-K is outstanding.  Our Ortho-K program includes all of the following Topographical scans Custom design and manufacturing of your lenses Dispensing, insertion/removal and cleaning training All office visits with topography over six months (typically six visits) Interim contact lenses as necessary during early partial treatment phase Just think, you won’t need to incur the ongoing cost of backup glasses or continue to buy disposable soft lenses saving you $300 to $700 every year.