© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Patient testimonials Below you will find some examples of what some of our patients are saying about us and our Wave Orthokeratology custom fit contact lenses. “For the last three years using these Ortho-K Wave Custom lenses, my life has truly changed a lot.  Putting the contacts in and out is very easy and doesn’t take a lot of time.  The best part is that I don’t have to wear glasses any more!  Leo P. “I recommend Ortho-k to all athletes because you would never have to worry about contacts falling out or fogging up during games or practice.”  Ryan H. - High school basketball player and scholar-athlete.  Ryan has worn ortho-k for over two years “I am very pleased with my Ortho-K lenses.  I was able to achieve 20/20 vision after only two nights of wearing the lenses.  The major benefit of wearing these lenses is to be free of the dryness that I would often experience in my soft contact lenses.  Dr. Davis did an excellent job fitting the lenses and I would recommend these lenses to any who are not satisfied by their current soft lenses!”  Laurie P. “I love being able to go out during the day and not having to mess with glasses or have contacts irritating me.  Because I wear the contact at night there is only a small time preiod I even notice them.  My eyesight  is so much better now than it has been before.  It is wonderful to be able to see so much detail again.”  Sarah A. “I am very grateful for my Wave lenses.  They have completely changed my life for the better.  Also they have helped me in my work relations.  Love them!!”  Freedom R. “I love the Ortho-k lenses.  I am free from glasses sliding up and down my nose.  I don’t have to worry about tearing my lens and refilling my supply before using my last lens.  It makes me feel like I am not using corrected lenses at all.”   Sylvia G. - She has been wearing Ortho-k lenses for several years and doesn’t use glasses at all...not for distance or reading! “I have worn glasses since 7th grade and contacts since my senior year of high school.  Conversely, I have been wearing the Wave Ortho-k lenses for  weeks and I have NEVER seen better!  I can not express how excited I am at the new found liberty of not wearing lenses during the day and actually being able to see at night without searching for a pair of glasses.  I highly recommend the Wave Ortho-k lenses:  they are easily one of the best decisions I have EVER made.”  Brent A. “They have helped my eyes get much better! You can hardly feel them at all when you are sleeping. They have helped me in so many ways. I love them! :)”  Ella O. - Nine Year Old Ever since I received my Ortho-k lenses, I have been free of the restraints contact lenses and glasses impose.  From the moment I take them out until the moment I put them back in my eyes, I am seeing the world perfectly and crystal clear.  the results are immediate and most definitely worth it.  Now, I go to school, play sports and have fun all while seeing the world from my own two eyes!  I have to say, ortho-k lenses have really helped me and changed my life that was formally dependent on optic aids.”  Sarah T. - Hich School Student I am a student athlete.  Ortho-k has allowed me to see on the field and in the classroom no matter if the teacher places me in the back of the class or not.”  Preston P. These lenses really help me see well when I'm doing sports and even doing everyday things. I think these lenses are amazing help! Instead of having to guess at somethings, everything is perfectly clear!”  Sunnie M. - Student "They are Great!  After one night my vision got so much better.  After a week I never had to wear my glasses again!"    Ana P. - 14 year old "I love these contacts.  It is so much easier in a hectic lifestyle to deal with contacts at night instead of in the morning.  You don't have to worry about something getting in your contacts since you sleep in them.  These are easier to deal with all the way around and worth the cost up front because you would spend the amount over a 3 year period anyway purchasing contacts and office visits."   Valerie F. - Massage Therapist and Mother. "I can see the wall to do Flip Turns!  Thanks, Dr. Davis!"  Taylor M. - High School Swimmer "I didn't realize the things I could not see with my soft contact lenses.  My vision with Ortho-K is sharper and has really helped my tennis game.  I just landed a full ride tennis scholarship!"  Kayla D. - College Scholarship Tennis Player "My experience with Ortho-K lenses has been very positive and the results have exceeded my expectation." Jen T. - Athlete and Mother of 4 "I'm very pleased with my results. Just after one night wearing the contact lenses, I can see just as well as I could with my day soft contact lenses except I have NO LENSES in. I was afraid that I would not be able to sleep in hard contacts but I just put them in and go to sleep. My eyes feel the same as if I had soft contacts in when I wake up. Ortho-K is a good alternative to surgery. I would recommend it!  Pam M.