© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Pediatric Eye Exams Eye exams can start as early as six months and continue through the school years. Although young children may not be able to read an eye chart, specialized procedures have been developed that allow us to measure the clarity of sight of children at almost any age. Vision is critical in the learning process of our children and can have a negative impact on the child for life if even a small visual problem goes undetected. We have taken special care to make the office “child-friendly”.  We have designed a child’s play corner in the reception room.  Inside we have lots of toys, a child sized table and chairs with plenty of paper for coloring. A specialized vision chart can be used for our patients who don’t yet know their letters helping us to determine their vision (even if they are still mixing up C’s and O’s). Color vision and depth perceptions testing can tell us a lot about a child’s eye alignment and help us to determine if there is a color deficit present. There are even techniques that we can use when applying eye drops that decreases the uncertainty and fear that some young children (and some that are not so young) have when getting drops.    We have created an atmosphere for children where they can feel very comfortable.         Families have been coming to Davis Eye for over 20years and some of our           patients that started seeing us as kids are now studying Optometry!  We know we    have done a good job when we get hugs from our little patients and watching a    young child put on glasses for the first time and really see is truly an amazing    experience.