Made with Xara Fitting Process Here’s how it works When you sleep, you wear special contact lens molds that gently reshape the front of your eye, so you can see clearly even after you remove the lenses.  The effect is temporary--lasting one to three days, so you must wear the special molds each night. Ortho-K technology Topographical scans of your corneas (the front surface of your eye) will be taken.  This is a painless digital picture of your eye that is much like a topographical map of the earth except this map shows the hills and valleys of each unique cornea. We use a Scout Topographer that measures 14,700 data points of corneal curvature.  Dr. Davis uses a computer-assisted design program and computer-assisted manufacturing process to design one-of-a-kind custom Ortho-K lenses.  The Scout topographer is the ONLY instrument in the world in which the unique topography of each patient's eye is used as a template for customized contact lens design. Once designed by Dr. Davis, the lenses are produced by a precise computer-numerical- controlled lathe and then shipped to Dr. Davis for final verification and cleaning. Dispensing of the lenses Dr. Davis and staff instruct their patients on insertion, removal and cleaning of their special lenses.  Results are often immediate.  Frequently, patients achieve excellent vision with their naked eyes after the first night of molding and within a few days most patients maintain clear vision for the entire day and evening. Special lenses The lenses can last for 2 years depending on the patient's care and cleaning.  Spare pairs of contact molds are recommended and replacement molds can be ordered. jhgyyjh