© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Specialty Contact Lenses Besides fitting Multifocal, Bifocal and Wave Orthokeratology lenses Dr. Davis also fits specialty contact lenses.  Specialty contact lenses may be for those patients who have been told they can’t wear lenses for one reason or another.  If you are interested in seeing if a specialty lens would work for you, you can schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Davis.  Below is a testimonial from a happy specialty contact lens wearer recently seen by Dr. Davis. Debra M. was referred to Dr. Davis by an ophthalmologist after being unsuccessfully fit with contact lenses.  By the time Debra got to our office she had already tried five different pairs of lenses with no luck.  Dr. Davis was able to fit Debra in a multifocal semi-scleral contact lens which allows her to have 20/20 vision at distance and near and be comfortable all day long. “The sharpness of vision both near and far with the scleral lens is amazing.  I cannot say enough about the comfort of these lenses.  It was worth failing to see out of several trial regular contact lenses to get to wear these.  My ability to see now and the comfort are EXTRAORDINARY!” Debra M.