© Davis Eye Associates 2014 Made with Xara Patient testimonials Below you will find some examples of what some of our patients are saying about us and our Wave custom fit contact lenses. "I have been extremely pleased with my Wave contact lenses.  They are quite comfortable, even when wearing them for 16 hours every day.  My previous lenses would frequently slip out of position, leaving me temporarily "blind" in one eye at inopportune times running to a mirror to replace them.  The Wave multifocal lenses stay in place reliably and comfortably." Dr. Mary Ann K. "My Wave Multifocal contact lenses are absolutely fantastic!  I can read as if I were 25 years old again.  The lenses are extremely comfortable and I wear them for almost 13 hours each day.  Dr. Davis is very knowledgable and it only took 3 visits to have a perfect set of lenses.  I would highly recommend these lenses and the talents of Dr. Lisa Davis."  Mary Lou V.  "I tried soft contact lenses and hated them!  When I came to Dr. Davis she worked with me to fit me properly with the Wave contacts.  Her kind and friendly staff has always been available to help me learn how to insert and remove them and I'm seeing 20/20 now for the first time in years without glasses!  Thank you Davis Eye Associates for your patience and kindness in this, my new eyecare experience."  Sandra D. "These are amazing contacts.  I can see better with them than my glasses.  It made me feel a little younger so I do not need reading glasses to see.  I would recommend them to anyone". Betty K. "The multifocal lenses have been comfortable from the beginning.  My vision seems to get better and better as the weeks go by.  I used to carry around a pair of reading glasses everywhere I went: at work, at the grocery store, etc.  But now I don't need reading glasses.  I can read small print, work on the computer comfortably.  I can see the small print on the labels at the grocery store so that I know how many carbs and fats there are without having to dig around in my purse for my reading glasses." Bonnie S. "To be able to see close without reading glasses has improved my work experience 100% and the comfort is superior." Lisa W. "Having vision in only one eye, I have not been able to wear bi-focal lenses.  The Wave Custom contact now allows me to be free of reading glasses and be able to have normal vision both close and far away.  Patti E. "I wore gas perm lenses for years to correct severe nearsightedness, but several years ago they became too painful to wear -  I reluctantly wore glasses for 4 years, and several months ago decided to try Wave lenses.  What a pleasant surprise - They are very comfortable on my eyes and I can see clearly at a far distance and only need +1.00 correction for reading and computer work.  I'm VERY PLEASED and would recommend them to anyone needing multifocal lenses."  Peggy B.